08 novembre 2011

shoeaholic at heart

"It is one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world because you make such a difference," Gasiewicz said. "You don't think one pair of shoes could make any difference, but these could go to women, men, and children charlotte olympia shoes compare who have nothing to wear on their feet…It's a great way to clean out your closet and an even better way to give back to the community."
Although Gasiewicz graduated with a bachelor's in science for nursing, she's found herself doing something completely different from her original goals.
"Ever since she was a child she knew she wanted to have her own business," said Gasiewicz's mother, Claudia. "She never knew what it would be until recently, and now look at her. She did it."
Gasiewicz considers herself a "shoeaholic at heart," so opening a shoe store seemed the most rewarding for her personality and calves. With the powerful support and encouragement from her mother, Gasiewicz was able to start up the business.
But the journey hasn't been easy. The current economy was a major source of struggle for the new business owner. But she doesn't let the economic situation of the country stop her from pursuing her dream.
"The biggest struggle was hearing people say that it would never be possible," Gasiewicz said. "I think it's just getting back to the basics. No matter what, people are going to buy shoes. People need shoes. Women will always love charlotte olympia boots coupon."
Luckily for Gasiewicz, she has had a strong support system throughout the entire process. Her family has suppoted her when things weren't looking good.
"I know women and they love to shop," Claudia said. "They may not be spending as much now as they did two years ago, but they still love to shop. As a woman, I know if I want a pair of shoes I'm going to get those shoes. Maybe right now I can't afford them, but in a week when I can afford them, I'm going to buy them."
Since The Shoe Suite has been thriving, Gasiewicz encourages anybody to start his or her own business.
"Go for it," Gasiewicz said. "Anything is possible, anybody will tell low price charlotte olympia pumps you that because it's true. I took a lot of my own advice and just dove into it."

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